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New Comers

SEO Strategy for sale – We create it, you own it.

o Research

o Keywords (implementation)

o On-Page

o Link Building strategy

o Reporting types (full docs)

Website Migration / Redirection (Error Free) whether redesign, rebranding or http to https “critical” migration that could affect your Search performance, we laser focus to make it smooth!

Heat map analysis (where visitors focus on your project) Absolute delight – see what people do on your website, where they focus and modify

Influencer Marketing Let industry mentors, influencers and celebrities do the talking and promotion of your brand – best for startups struggling in an already saturated market or big projects that are stuck.



SEO Recovery (Most Famous) Rescue projects hit by badly done Search Engine Optimization or blackhat techniques

Product Reviews Get your products reviewed with critical / positive opinions to turn prospects into qualified leads

Research Reports for Your Target Region / Industry / Competitors A full scale research report about your target audience, market, search trends and competitor analysis

SEO Audit Uncover loops, holes and “SEO must haves” for better search performance

Searcher’s Persona Review Keyword research on steroids. Zero in on your “searcher” to help you develop a targeted keyword research for any marketing channel



On-Page Optimization (One Time) Tweaking your website to incorporate audience specific marketing message, keywords, content and all SEO factors to increase search / social friendliness

Analytics Setup / Leads Tracking No marketing campaign is worthwhile if KPI tracking is not properly installed.

Call Leads Tracking Utilize different call tracking applications to track leads pouring through customer calls

Landing Page Optimization for Paid, Organic or Email Specifically for projects looking to enhance lead % by better converting landing pages for short term landing page modification

Mobile Optimization As the name suggest – making your project fully mobile centric to cater to ever increase mobile audience


Main Course

Search Engine Optimization This has everything from keyword research, SEO audit, on-page optimization, back linking strategy to reporting / KPI tracking

Paid Advertisement (PPC)Utilize different paid models like CPM, CPC or CPA to invest and get returns through “Sales within Minutes”

Social Media Outreach Projects are doomed to fail without this model – Digital means targeted outreach through convincing engagements on social channels like Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and others

Online Reputation Management (ORM) Your competitors, disgruntled employees or simple hate mongers could damage your brand / personal reputation by getting wrong information through edited images, false fraud allegations or rip off reports – deter them with this!

Local SEO If you cater to a particular neighborhood, metro or local region – this could be the best option. Get found for people looking for quick local businesses ~ on the go!

Link Building Campaigns Don’t know how to get those back links that could help you lift rankings and increase referrals? This would help.

BLOG Management (Creation, Formatting & Management) BLOG is the lifeblood of any web based entity. BLOGS could be used in 100 different ways for BRAND ACTIVATION. They not only help get SOCIAL, DIRECT or REFERRAL audience – but also address the broader SEARCH targeting, seasonal marketing campaigns and paid adverts.


Lunch Rush

Engagement Based SOCIAL MEDIA Contests Quick Engagement – Fan following – Auto brand ambassadors

Product Listing Ads (PLAs) for Google Shopping eCommerce goal? Target 1000s of your products on Google Shopping with customized feeds, tracking and ROI.

Content / Web copy Optimization Get your content tweaked for those spicy keywords, test various landing pages and see what works

Rich Answers / Quick Answers Optimization Another ORGANIC helper. Provide quick answers to audience looking for targeted answers to the most common queries directly on GOOGLE.



News Jacking – Get quick bursts of social traffic with follower increase through this innovative new driven exposure (love this personally)

Image Optimization – Traditional optimization of website images for targeted keywords – to be seen on Images sections of all search engines.

PR Communication – Whether paid or free, Press Releases best way for brand activation & exposure

Video Marketing – Highly engaging methodology. Video is now a must for brand engagement through social or content marketing

Tradeshow / Events promotion – Are you hosting a conference, symposium or trade shows? Best and effective is to target local community portals – or ask me J

Seasonal Campaigns – Target those specific days of the year like holiday season, shopping seasons, Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Shopping Festivals and other regional festivals that could spark shopping spree!

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