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Getting into digital marketing was purely accidental. And I owe it to my email’s JUNK folder.

This was way back in 2005 when search optimization was relatively new in this part of the world. I had freshly graduated and was scouring for jobs. My email junk folder mentioned something about “search” and “engine”.

From the words “engine” I thought it must have something to do with “hardware” side where you work on wires, chips or sockets to make it go faster. I brushed it aside as totally drab and worthless.

But during the course of job searching, I started seeing more and more of these vacancies. This geared me to research more about SEO.

My first interview lasted only 15 minutes with an offer of $80 per month. It was too low. But then everything was good for a fresh graduate with absolutely ZERO knowledge of the industry.

I refused!

My first break came in and around 2006 when I was offered a much better pay, on-job training and active clients. Since I had nothing to lose but much to gain ~ I accepted.

When I got hired as a trainee search engine optimizer, I did so with no idea what to do, what to expect, but had the desire to learn something new ~ something that only a handful were doing at that time (locally).

But within 4 months ~ I learned why marketing was the crux of entire business. A project's success depended upon the right exposure, right audience at right time to gain much needed leads to keep the company afloat and their jobs being paid for.

And this opened up the pendora’s box of opportunities, learning, experiments, rewards, networking and above all, challenges.

You can read more about my digital marketing journey with exact time line of events, clients & companies I’ve worked and more.

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